Hand Painted Art Umbrellas 2016/2017

Thank you for your interest in my Hand Painted Art Umbrellas. I paint each one individually with care and great consideration. I take pride in delivering a highly stylish and eye catching market umbrella. My intention is to provide long lasting beauty to your outdoor living area. I am known for my use of fun and exciting color. My umbrellas will add great punctuation to any space. I paint both sides, so they can be appreciated from any angle.

I have designed many umbrellas over the years. The following are the ones I am currently offering for 2016/2017.

I hope you find one that you like.

Garrison Wayne/Artist/Designer

Sunshine Palms 9 foot market umbrella
Sunshine Palms $499/Sunshine Yellow/Bright and Cheery
Aqua Palms $499/Aqua Blue-Green/Perfect by the Water
Aqua Palms $499/Aqua Blue-Green/Perfect by the Water
Paradise Tropical Umbrella
Paradise $699/Coral Green and Red/Tropical Floral
Campania hand painted Market Umbrella
Campania $699/Olive and Leaf Motif/Gold Green Blue Red Aubergine
Bella Vino Market Umbrella
Bella Vino $699/Wine Motif/Two tone Gold and Primary Colors
Hand Painted Fish Motif Umbrella, "Laguna.
Laguna $659/Cool Tones/Playful Fish Theme
Hand Painted Market Umbrella "Poppies" $699
Poppies $699/Crisp Contemporary Colors/A Stunning Addition
Flower Garden Border Umbrella $599
Flower Garden $599/Soft Colors/Cottage Feel
Veneto $699/House Umbrella
Veneto $699/Multi-Colored/Euro-Contemporary Design
Bella Vita $699
Bella Vita $699/Classic Sand Color/For the Wine and Dine Type
Bella Grigio $699. A Wine Lover's Umbrella to wine and dine under.
Bella Grigio $699/Garden Green/A Wine Lover’s Umbrella
Spalsh of Color Impressionistic Umbrella
Splash of Color $599/Multi-colored/Impressionistic
Monet's Garden
Monet’s Garden $599/Soothing Cool Tones/Impressionistic
Mission by Garrison Wayne/$549
Mission $549/Terracotta and Gold/Spanish Motif
al Fresco/New Umbrella for 2015
al Fresco $659/Blues and Greens/Italian Motif
South Beach Pink Umbrella
South Beach $499/Pink Purple Green/Playful and Fun
Moss Creek Green and Teal Umbrella
Moss Creek $549/Greens and Teal/Soft and Soothing
Purple Palm Umbrella Lilac Palms
Lilac Palms $499/Lilac Purple and Green/for Purple Lovers
Caliente Palms a Sassy Umbrella
Caliente Palms $499/Orange-Red Purple and Green/Sassy
Cactus Flower Hand Painted Market Umbrella by Garrison Wayne
Cactus Flower $699/Bright Yellow and Green/Desert Whimsy